BE SPIRITS – When Paris makes the world of bars & spirits shine.

For its first edition, BE SPIRITS proposes a 360-degree view of the spirits world through the Infinite Bar, a trend-setting place.

Dedicated to mixology, this meeting place between bartenders and craft brands will remain faithful to the codes of bar and serve as a dialogue facilitator between the different players of this ecosystem.

The largest cocktail bar in the world

Can you imagine a bar as long as an Olympic-size swimming pool? 24 bars over 50 meters will showcase various craft brands and put the light on mixology, in order to place this not-to-be-missed event at the heart of BE SPIRITS. The disruptive Infinite Bar concept aims at showing the new trends and consumption habits by giving the floor to today and tomorrow’s key players of the sector. In a place faithful to the bar codes, exhibitors will be able to promote their spirits to the key opinion leaders.

An immersive experience

Hosted by internationally renowned bartenders, the Infinite Bar will provide partner brands with an exceptional setting to promote their products. Every bar square will be sponsored by a hotel or a Parisian bar and hosted by a mixologist. A map will show where the bars are set in Paris, and the immersive experience lived in daytime will continue during the night in the bars at the heart of the city. Thanks to its presence on the ground, the Infinite Bar will showcase the current and future trends of the spirits sector.

1st business event of the year

Attentive to the market’s brands and professionals, BE SPIRITS is the first highlight of the year where you can build your business network, meet international retailers, discover new players, the brands people talk about, consumer trends…

They will showcase spirits brands on the Infinite Bar

Café moderne
Mido Yahi brought back from New York the old American spirit we can discover through his creations of his vinyle “Sample menu” in this unusual Parisian cocktail bar.



Christopher Gaglione welcomes you in his casual chic cocktail bar located in South Paris where glassware and service ritual are highlighted.




A hotel bar out of the box where Benjamin Nolf creates a new mood for each season to reinvente the cocktail menu.




A bar where vinyles have replaced bottles on the back bar. The perfect occasion to taste Guillaume Quenza’s creations meanwhile Matthieu Biron is composing the soundtrack of your tasting.



Friends Philippe Morin and Pierre Smague welcome you in their unique establishment. The result of a successful combo between a cocktail bar, an oyster club and a restaurant.



A warm and woody atmosphere of a British club from last century is animating this intimist cocktail bar. Mixology workshops are open to public on weekdays evenings.



Le 1905
The sophisticated menu of this English apartment speakeasy is a real time capsule which brings you back to the begining of last century.




Dirty Dick

Dirty dickScotty Schuder brought back an exotic atmosphere from overseas with him. Cocktails are served into tikis glasses in order to promote the island spirit drink itself : Rhum.