The battle between English sparkling wines and others

English sparkling wine is in the process of ousting French champagne from bars and restaurants.

Fuller’s, the group that owns 500 pubs throughout the UK, has replaced French champagne with English sparkling wine, with success. The five English sparkling wines that it offers are priced around £40, versus £50 for French champagne. Fuller’s reports that sales are up by 50%.
The pound’s 13 per cent fall against the euro since the EU referendum has evened out the price differences between English wines and imported wines.

“This is a absolute game-changer,” said Fuller’s head of wine, Neil Bruce.

In the same way, Tesco is forecasting that English sparkling wine sales could be “a surprise” on a record number of dinner tables this Christmas. Demand for brands such as Chapel Down Brut and rosé and Tesco Finest English sparkling wine have grown by more than 60% across the UK market.

“The soaring popularity of English sparkling wine in recent years means it is now stocked in most major supermakets,” said Jane Simmonds, parter at UHY Hacker Young.