Austrian wines in Asia

Willi Klinger, the managing director of the austrian wine marketing board talks about the development of Austrian wines in Asia. Those news countries are a real opportunity for austrian wines with huge potential of development. 


Have you observed a positive development for Austrian wines in Asia?

Willi Klinger : Yes, because, the French, the Italians, the Australians, the Spaniards all these big wine nations are doing a great job to educate these people here and they learn quickly. The young generation here loves wine and is eager to know even more about it. So we are too small to dominate this trend, but we are with it, we are with you, we are going together with all the European wine culture knowledge and I can only tell you that with the limited means we have, we are getting great results and China is already number 8 of our export markets and will be number 5 shortly.