Australia exports continue to grow

Wine Australia’s Export Report shows a continued growth for Australian exports both in volume and value.

Over the last 12 months ended 30 September 2017, export value grew 13 per cent to $2.44 billion and volume grew by 9 per cent to 799 million litres.

‘Established and new-to-market exporters are sharing in this strong export growth’ said Andreas Clark, CEO of Wine Australia, to underline the quality of Australian exporters networking.

All markets segments are experiencing stronger growth:

  • entry level and commercial wines grew to $505 million, a 22% increase
  • premium wines grew by 23 per cent, to a record $672 million.

‘This growth reflects increasing demand for premium Australian wines in most regions around the world’, said Andreas Clark.

All world regions show an increase:

  • Southeast Asia grew by $10 million (6 per cent) to $162 million
  • Europe grew by $8 million (1 per cent) to $578 million
  • North America grew by $7 million (1 per cent) to $646 million, and
  • the Middle East grew by $1 million (6 per cent) to $21 million.

Note that 80% of wine exported to the United Kingdom and Germany was shipped in bulk containers.