Angelo Gaja in Etna DOC

Angelo Gaja is an iconic vigneron from Barbaresco, in Piemont. According to the Italian website, he bought 21 hectares of land on the southwest slopes of Sicily’s Mount Etna.

A 50/50 joint venture with Alberto Graci (former banker) both an owner and winemaker in the Etna region, will make noise in the entire world of Italian wine.

The land was purchased in two districts, of which 15 hectares were cultivated in the region of Biancavilla. The south-west slope, in DOC Etna, is cultivated with Nerello Mascalase.

The name of the company has not been chosen yet and the wines, first vintage 2017, will be marketed through the Gaja Distribuzione firm.

“We will do things without hurry, step by step. I come to Etna to learn. And to harvest fruits that I have not cultivated. Why Etna? It was something that I have been feeling under the skin for some time. Giacomo Tachis was the first one who talked to me about it in a suggestive way. His descriptions hit me about the sleeping mountain, that sometimes wakes up and is often overwhelmed. And then with the snow it takes on a royal figure like the fur of an ermine over the shoulders of influential people. Etna is also a place for elegant wines that are difficult to understand and that I also produce here in Langa for a fate. All this fascinates me very much. I swear, my wife Lucia and my children, Gaia, Rossana and Giovanni look forward for this new adventure” said Angelo Gaja.

“Our joint venture starts because we both share a great curiosity. We ardently desire to produce big cru and to understand if the southwest side can satisfy our bet. Of course, history tells us something already: if some of the wines of this area of Etna have won prestigious awards in the mid-nineteenth-century universal exhibitions, this means so much. For me and my sister Elena, also involved in this operation, it is also a great honor to be alongside a great master like Angelo Gaja.  His family’s link to the earth and his experience on the longevity of wines that can be put to the service of Etna is a great reference to our eyes. It is not a trivial matter”, add Alberto Graci.