Alejandro Santo Domingo bought 20% of Petrus

The Moueix family, owner of the famous Petrus in Pomerol, has sold 20% of the vineyard’s capital to Alejandro Santo Domingo, a billionaire of Colombian origin, French economic newspaper Les Echos said Thursday on their website.

The value of the transaction, which was completed more than a year ago, was not disclosed. But some sources said that the 20% stake was sold for €200 million.

The famous estate located in the commune of Pomerol, in the Bordeaux region on the right bank of the Dordogne, forms a complex of 11.5 hectares and would have been valued at more than 1 billion euros.

The purchaser is, most importantly, a shareholder of AB InBev, the world leader in Belgian–Brazilian beer, which acquired its British–South African competitor SABMiller in 2016.

Petrus is one of the most famous wines in Bordeaux and around the world.