83% of French consumers favour cork caps


A survey conducted by the Opinion Way Institute for the Cork Pros in May 2017,  on a representative panel of the French population (wine consumers) reveals that circa 83% of them express a preference for cork caps.

Cork ensures quality

The survey conducted by the Opinion Way Institute for the Cork Pros as part of their campaign ‘Exigence Liège’ (Cork Required) throws light on the value that cork brings to wine. Indeed, 87% of the French respondents associate cork with high-quality wine, while 2% of the respondents believe wines sealed with plastic caps to be of high quality. Only 1% mention screwcaps.

As for wine amateurs, the preference for cork is even stronger: they almost unanimously associate cork with higher quality wines (93%). This unquestionable preference is not a matter of being French: according to Tragon Corporation[1] 93% of Americans are convinced that the quality of a wine is determined by cork, and 84% of Chinese people declare that they would rather buy corked bottles (according to CTR Market Research[2]).

Using neuroenology to decipher the preference for cork

In order to understand the role played by cork in the taster’s evaluation, the Cork Pros bring together Philippe Faure-Brac, World’s Best Sommelier, MOF Honoris Causa, and Gabriel Lepousez, Ph.D. in Neurosciences and researcher at the Institut Pasteur. Together they will develop the still emerging concept of neuroenology.

The duo will attend Vinexpo on June 19th. Both experts will invite the audience to decipher the keys to tasting and to measuring the unique role of cork. Thanks to Neurosciences, the combined views of the two experts will shed a new light on the parameters that, aside from the wine, add to the tasting experience, bringing better understanding of how cork contributes to a wine’s distinctive character.

First meeting at Vinexpo Bordeaux on June 19th

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[1] Tragon Corporation (Wine Closures Research Updates 2013)

[2] CTR Market Research (2014)