2017 China wine imports

In 2017, China imported 745.8 million litres of bulk and bottled wines worth US$2.8 billion, according to Chinese customs figures. This was a 16.9% increase in volume over 2016, and an 18% increase in value.

Imported bottled wines rose by 14.61% in volume (to 552.2 million litres) and 16.39% in value (to US$2.5 billion).
Bulk wine imports grew by 25.52% in volume (to 180.6 million litres) and by 40.82% in value (to US$158.9 million).
Sparkling wines showed increases of 16.87% in volume and 17.95% in value.

Average prices grew, too. The average price of bottled wines was up 1.55% over 2016, at $4.63 per litre. Bulk wine average prices rose by 12.19% to $0.88 per litre, and sparkling wines were up 0.92% at $3.74 per litre.