1855 protected by EU rule

According to an article published in the drinksbusiness, the EU has recognized the year “1855” as a traditional term, hence forbidding its use in, or as a company name. The new rule comes as a reply to the Conseil des Grands Crus Classés 1855 that has been seeking to restrict the use of the date for quite some time.

The European Commission has published the new legislation on August 22 and it has now become mandatory after the period of appeal has run out.

Only the Conseil des Grands Crus 1855 itself and the châteaux which received the ranking in the Napoleonic classification on the date in question may continue to use it. No other company or winery may do so except as a historical reference.

The idea behind this new rule is to protect the classification against any form of abuse.

Philippe Castéja, president of the Conseils des Grands Crus declared: “The ‘traditional term’ protects all the constituent parts of the classification (Cru Classé and 1855). At the same time, it’s the start of protection for the brands of our châteaux.”