14 new Masters of Wine (MW).






Based in five different countries, the new MW (Master of Wine) are:

  • Nova Cadamatre MW (USA)
  • Julie Chene Nyheim MW (Norway)
  • Alistair Cooper MW (UK)
  • Philip Harden MW (UK)
  • Ashley Hausman Vaughters MW (USA)
  • Sarah Heller MW (Hong Kong)
  • Tim Jackson MW (UK)
  • Andreas Kubach MW (Spain)
  • Fernando Mora MW (Spain)
  • Aina Mee Myhre MW (Norway)
  • Billo Naravane MW (USA)
  • Catherine Petrie MW (UK)
  • Nigel Sneyd MW (USA)
  • Morgan Twain-Peterson MW (USA)

There are now 369 Masters of Wine living in 29 countries.

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