1-year-old O.Z. Tyler Bourbon distillery set to expand

Terressentia Corporation, premium spirits producer in North Charleston, South Carolina and owner/operator of the O.Z. Tyler Distillery in Owensboro, Kentucky, has begun expanding production capabilities at the Kentucky distillery. In 2014, Terressentia purchased the 26-acre former Charles Medley Distillery in Owensboro, KY. After extensive renovations, the O.Z. Tyler Distillery—named for the co-inventor of the company’s patented TerrePURE® technology—opened in September 2016. The Distillery is now producing Bourbon and Rye Whiskey for the rapidly growing brown spirits markets and is filling barrels with O.Z. Tyler Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey that will be released in early 2018.

Terressentia CEO Earl Hewlette said, “We are very pleased with the strong demand for Bourbon. We are currently producing 18,000 barrels of Kentucky Bourbon per year and have already sold or received commitments from new and existing customers for all our 2017 and 2018 production. The demand we are seeing has caused us to begin an expansion to increase our annual capacity to 60,000 barrels by this fall, and even with expanded inventory, our production of Kentucky Bourbon is committed through 2018. However, we still have plenty of Indiana Bourbon available and we are taking order for our 2019 Kentucky Bourbon.”

Expansion plans include installing 12 new fermentation tanks to the existing 8 by September. Another 4 will be added by year-end, bring the total to 24 fermentation tanks housed at the O.Z. Tyler Distillery.